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Bluemont Tails: Roxy The Hanoverian Horse

On a lovely sunny morning at Bluemont Sanctuary big changes are afoot.

Today is the day Roxy, the first horse to live here, arrives

Beep, beep, beep goes the gate, Carl drives in the trailer.


There is so much to do to help Roxy begin her new life in her

forever home, everybody helps. Meet Roxy, Thor, Henny Penny, Hef,

Mama Cat and her kittens, and learn all about life at Bluemont Sanctuary.


This beautifully illustrated book is full of animals, farm life, and fun words to say out loud. 

Charming, humorous verse encourages new readers to keep going and master reading. 

The importance of animal rescue, and learning what it takes to look after animals, is shared in an engaging and fun manner.


Enjoy reading along with the accompanying audio book. Roxy will neigh when it's time to turn the page. 

Read-along books help young readers associate the written word with how they sound. Pre-readers can independently follow along the story.


Sales of this book support the work at Bluemont Sanctuary.

e-book Bluemont Tails: Roxy The Hanoverian Horse

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